Howard P

Howard P. -Roseville, CA -1/23/16

Howard-P -"if anybody says 'whats the matter i thought you were going to AA, dont AA work?' tell them the truth, that you don't...

Howard P. -El Mirage, AZ -12/31/16

Howard P. -"this time it's going to be different. this time i'm just going to have one, two or three at the most". -12/31/16

Howard P. -Saturday Night WPG -10/19/13

Howard P. -"solving problems is stressful, it means i'm going to have to stop having my way". -10/19/13

Howard P. -South Coast Speakers -Laguna Beach, CA -11/30/05

Howard P. -"there are a class of people who once they start to drink, they keep slugging them down so fast, that the craving...

Howard P. -West Portland Group -1/31/15

Howard P. -"i was running with guys and gals who didn't drink and i was taking hope home". Portland, OR -1/31/15

Howard-P. -Hell and Back CA meeting -3/25/12

Howard P. -"give him compassion, give him tolerance, he like you had to have his way". -3/25/12

Howard P. -Hell and Back Meeting -12/19/10

Howard P. -"love what you're getting, don't try and get what you love". -12/19/10

Howard P. -3rd Step Meditation talk

Howard P. -"when we breathe in, we breathe in some of the elements necessary to sustain life" -3rd step meditation.

Howard P. -4/5/95

Howard P. -"its entirely up to you, if you have a desire to stop drinking and you'd like to be a member your place...

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