Howard P

Howard P. -Second Tradition Group. -San Jose, Ca -8/25/01

Howard P. 'the manifestation of an insane obsession with alcohol" -San Jose, Ca -8/25/01

Howard P. -Thursday Night Speaker Meeting -Las Vegas, NV 11/9/06

Howard P. "i decided i was going to do an inventory". -Las Vegas, NV -11/09/06

Howard P. -Damerham, U.K. -8/21/11

Howard P. "divine order" -Damerham, U.K. -8/21/11

Howard P. -Prayer and Meditation

Howard P. "my life got better". -Serenity Prayer and Meditation

Howard P. -Sacramento, CA- 7/13/02

Howard P. -"a change of consciousness followed at once by a vast change in feelings and outlook". Sacramento, CA. -7/13/02

Howard P. -Primm, Nevada- 12/8/07

Howard P. -Primm, NV -"baby elephant beliefs".  -12/8/07

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