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53rd Florida State Convention – Jacksonville FL – 07-29-2009 – 08-02-2009

Track 2 - Jane D - Tallahassee FL   Track 3 - James L - Evanston IL   Track 4 - Polly P - Birch Bay WA   Track 5...

Clancy I. -Oklahoma -1981

Clancy I. - "it seems like if anything was hurting you that badly you'd want to do something about it. but the deadly feature,...

Clancy I. -Recovery, the great misconception. -1985

Clancy I. - "it baffles the people in treatment, it baffles their families and their peers but most lethally, it baffles the patient." -1985

Clancy I. -15th Kentucky State conference, -Louisville -2/66

Clancy I. - "i'm afraid. i have a sneaking feeling inside that i'm not good enough sober and drinking helps that." -2/66

Clancy I. -Montana Fall Roundup -Kalispell, Mt. -10/10/88

Clancy I. - “i’ve been a professional writer my entire adult life and when i first read this book, i thought it was a...

Clancy I. -Ceta Glen, Texas -4/5,6,7/68

Clancy I.- “if your body is reacting to what has become a toxic substance to it, then you must not put the toxic substance...

18th Spring Conference Woodstock of AA – A Walk Through The Steps – Cocoa Beach FL- 05-01-2008 – 05-04-2008

Track 2 - Clancy I - Venice CA - Steps 1, 2, 3   Track 3 - Scott L - Nashville TN - Step 4 (Resentment)   Track...

Sandy B. -the Spirituality of the Steps -Lafayette, La. -09/07

Sandy B. - “if we asked, how does this thing end? we would find that it ends with a spiritual awakening.” -09/07

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