Polly P

Polly P. & Dave P. -Traditions in Relationships Seaside -12/31/06

Dave P. - "our thinking has to become how does this affect us instead of how does this effect me."

Polly P. -A Position of Giving

Polly P. - "i need to treat the disease of alcoholism on a daily basis. the big book of alcoholics anonymous says i get...

Polly P. -Missouri, Tx

Polly P. - "all my life i have been a person, prior to coming to alcoholics anonymous, who never liked any pain and who...

Polly P. -2nd City Roundup -Chicago, Il. -2004

Polly P. - "i came into alcoholics anonymous and i was given a gift and i kept it. but most people come in, are...

Polly P. -19th Annual Conference -Crested Butte, Co. -2002

Polly P. - " i can't help my kids. you'll have to help my kids and i'll help yours."

Polly P. -West Portland Group -Portland, Or. 12/04/05

Polly P. - "what is the solution? live and let live. love and tolerance. a lot of times we talk about having an open...

Polly P. -West Portland Group -Portland, Or. 02/03/05

Polly P. - "l'm not someone who came into the rooms of aa and saw the twelve steps and the twelve tradtions on the...

The Family Afterwards – Polly P & Her Son James L – Lake Milton OH – 02-01-2013 – 02-03-2013

Track 2 - Polly P and Her Son James L - Part 1   Track 3 - Polly P and Her Son James L - Part...

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