Tom B. Jr.

Tom B. Jr. -Garden Variety Drunk -Indiana

Tom B. Jr. - "it's a spiritual program based on one thing and that's action."

Tom B. Jr. – Powerless and Power

Tom B. Jr. - "there is one that has all power, that one is god may you find him now. that's deeper than any...

Tom B. Jr. -Ceta Glen, Tx.

Tom B. Jr. - "things were beginning to happen, things were getting simpler. i was beginning to surrender."

Tom B Jr. -Ceta Glenn -1967

Tom B Jr. - "let's just say i lived in a fantasy land before disney ever thought of building one." -1967

Tom B. Jr. -03/30/96

Tom B. Jr. - "the big book sings a song about love and responsibility and transformations." -03/30/96

Tom B. Jr. -Going Home -Charleston, Sc.

Tom B. Jr. - "we are all people who are in a process of spiritual growth."

Tom B. Jr. -Practicing the Principles

Tom B. Jr. - "not drinking is probably the lowest form of sobriety".

Tom B. Jr. -Spirituality thru Subtraction

Tom B. Jr. - "my own deepest defect of character was a hate for myself which i projected onto you."

Tom B. Jr. -The Concept of Surrendering Self Will

Tom B. Jr. - "the necessity of letting go of self-will in order to recover from alcoholism."

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