Young People's AA

33rd FCYPAA – A Design For Living – West Palm Beach FL – 07-04-2014 – 07-06-2014

Track 2 - Rabbi Jenny   Track 3 - Gemma B   Track 4 - Panel on Relationships   Track 5 - General Service Structure Workshop   Track 6 - Living Young...

FCYPAAXXX – 2011 – “We Are His Agents” – Cocoa Beach FL – 09-23-2011 – 09-25-2011

Track 2 - Bill W - St Petersburg FL   Track 3 - George C - Chicago IL

Eric O. speaking in Oregon at the 2018 OSYPAA

This is a great talk featuring Eric O. from Arizona speaking at the Oregon State Young People in AA Conference in 2018. Eric shares...

SPOOKYPAA – October 30th – November 1st 2020

SPOOKYPAA A Mega-Sponsored YPAA Zoom Event October 30th - November 1st SPOOKYPAA is a mega-sponsored YPAA Halloween conference happening around the clock, through the weekend of Halloween...

John L. speaking at the 2006 TCYPAA

This recording features John L. of Memphis at 2006 Tennessee Conference of Young People in AA.

Jason B. speaking at the 2009 TCYPAA

This recording features Jason B. of Memphis at the 2009 Tennessee Conference of Young People in AA.

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