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Eric E. Speaking at the 18th Arizona AA Banquet, 9/20/1968

Eric E. Speaking at the 18th Arizona AA Banquet, 9/20/1968

Bob D. -Tar Heel Mid-Winter Conference -Raleigh, Nc. -01/01/98

Bob D. - "somehow, someway, i had tapped into something here that even the skeptic that i was could not dispute." -01/01/98

Father John Doe – “Spiritual Side” – Author of Golden Books

Father John Doe (Ralph P) was the first Roman Catholic priest to get sober in Alcoholics Anonymous (he came in on November 10, 1943),...

Pockets Of Enthusiasm – Sarasota, FL – 09-19-2014 – 09-21-2014

Track 2 - Sheldon F - Las Vegas, NV - Steps 6 and Tradition 9   Track 3 - Misoon W - Jacksonville, FL - Steps...

Bill W. at the 1965 International Convention in Toronto, CA

Bill Wilson, speaking at the 4th International AA Convention in Toronto, Canada in 1965. He gives this quite beautiful clear and unvarnished account of...

Ethel M – “From Farm To City” – Akron, Ohio – DOS May 8, 1941 – Speaking at the 17th Anniversary of the Waters...

Ethel M.  is the author of "From Farm To City" in the stories section of the Big Book (p. 261 in 2nd and 3rd...

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