Serenity Improvement Group

Ryan K. -Serenity Improvement Group -11/28/20

"the tenth, eleventh and twelfth steps are the discipline of alcoholics anonymous that help me stay close to the power that saved my life."...

Ronald W. -Serenity Improvement Group -1/12/21

"she taught me the meaning of trust and unconditional love and i grew closer to the power." -1/12/21

Roger H. -Serenity Improvement Group -11/14/20

"god doesn't care who is watching. god doesn't care who is listening. god is the perfect gentlemen and he's ready when you're ready." -11/14/20

Ricky B. -Serenity Improvement Group -7/28/20

"i can take you to the message. i can show you the right door to open. but i can't make you stop." -7/28/20

Rich B. -Serenity Improvement Group -6/23/20

"a little became a lot in alcoholics anonymous. when i focused on the spiritual the material always took care of itself." -6/23/20

Reggie W. -Serenity Improvement Group -1/9/21

"god doesn't make misery." -1/9/21

Ralph W. -Serenity Improvement Group -9/1/20

"i'm running around saying -god is everything or he is nothing. i'm quoting it and breaking it down but i have never had a...

Debbie D. -Serenity Improvement Group -10/3/20

"i sponsor a gal who hasn't been in the real rooms yet so i know its possible to get sober under these circumstances. covid...

Polly P. -Serenity Improvement Group -6/30/20

"she had this magnificent, caring, loving-god, that she shared with me. and she gave me her god -and she sponsored me."

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