Serenity Improvement Group

Belinda F. -Serenity Improvement Group -12/29/20

"i'm so grateful that alcoholics anonymous taught me i can choose a god of my own understanding." -12/29/20

Barclay R. -Serenity Improvement Group -11/7/20

"i love anything that will make me veer off from where i am right now."

Astrid H. -Serenity Improvement Group -10/17/20

"there's this lower self and this higher self that they talk about in the literature. but if i don't have a true experience with...

Angie P. -Serenity Improvement Group -7/21/20

"one thing that gave me so much hope and so much strength, i knew you guys would be there for me." -7/21/20

Amanda B. -Serenity Improvement Group -8/18/20

"the god of my understanding is a gentleman. he doesn't reach down and take anything. i have to offer it up to him." -8/18.20

Adam J. -Serenity Improvement Group -9/5/20

"a celebration just to be alive. that's what i wanted." -9/5/20

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