SPOOKYPAA – October 30th – November 1st 2020


A Mega-Sponsored YPAA Zoom Event

October 30th – November 1st

SPOOKYPAA is a mega-sponsored YPAA Halloween conference happening around the clock, through the weekend of Halloween with YPAA representation from around the world!

This special Halloween themed International YPAA conference is a can’t miss! This conference includes all the same enthusiasm, fun, entertainment, and most importantly recovery that can be found at an in person YPAA conference. Featuring meetings and events around the clock with the opening speaker meeting at 6:00pm EST on October 30th.

Special Events during the conference includes Main Speaker Meetings, Workshops, AA Trivia, Costume Contests, Karaoke, and much more!

Below is the complete Program with Zoom Meeting ID’s and Passwords for the weekend:



If you have any questions or comments, you can contact: SPOOKYPAA@gmail.com

All recordings of meetings will be hosted on RecoverySpeakers.com after the conference.



Below are Downloadable Flyers and Programs:

The Recovery Speakers team is able to share and continue this work solely through donations from our users and supporters. Please consider a donation.

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