Well, he can strenuously try meditation, prayer, and guidance, just as an experiment. He can address himself to whatever God he thinks there is. Or, if he thinks there is none, he can admit – just for experimental purposes – that he might be wrong. This is all-important. As soon as he is able to take this attitude, it means that he has stopped playing God himself; his mind has opened. Like any good scientist in his laboratory, our friend can assume a theory and pray to a “higher power” that may exist and may be willing to help and guide him. He keeps an experimenting – in this case, praying – for a long time. Again he tries to behave like the scientist, an experimenter who is never supposed to give up so long as there is a vestige of any choice of success.

As he goes along with his process of prayer, he begins to add up the results. If he persists, he will almost surely find more serenity, more tolerance, less fear, and less anger. He will acquire a quiet courage, the kind that doesn’t strain him. He can look at so-called failure and success for what they really are. Problems and calamity will begin to mean instruction, instead of destruction. He will feel freer and saner. The idea that he may have been hypnotizing himself by autosuggestion will become laughable. His sense of purpose and of direction will increase. His tensions and anxieties will commence to fade. His physical health is likely to improve. Wonderful and unaccountable things will start to happen. Twisted relations in his family and on the outside will unaccountably improve.

Even if few of these things happen, he will still find himself in possession of great gifts. When he has to deal with hard circumstances he can face them and accept them. He can now accept himself and the world around him. He can do this because he now accepts a God who is All – and who loves all. When he now says, “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name,” our friend deeply and humbly means it. When in good meditation and thus freed from the clamors of the world, he knows, that he is in God’s hand; that his won destiny is really secure, here and hereafter.

-Bill Wilson, June 1958


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