The Box of Chocolates Meeting

Sweet Home Alabama’s Box of Chocolates AA Meeting

The Box of Chocolates meeting now has their own category on Recovery Speakers! You can now use the link below to find the most recent recordings:

Here you will find all of the recordings from November 12th – February 25th of the weekly AA Meeting that is held on Zoom:



February 25th:

This week featured Sharon C. (8-20-75) from Clancy’s Pacific Group (the largest weekly AA Meeting in the world!)


February 18th:

The Chris R. with:

“Willing to go to any length (and what I teach my Sponsees).”

February 11th:

Otto W. with 61 years! (8-20-59) From Medford, Oregon.

“Remember: It’s the banana that gets away from the bunch that gets peeled!”

February 4th:

Denise A. (9-18-87) “Sponsor of Sponsors”

Home Group: Clancy’s Pacific Group

“Find a sponsor louder than your head!”

January 28th:

“Gold Star Membership” with AA David K. (11-26-94)

Home Group: Saturday Night Group of Camberwell, London

January 21st:

“Living in the world of the spirit.” with AA Chris S. (12-28-89)

Bernardsville Daily Reprieve – AA Group of New Jersey

“The spiritual life is not a theory . . . .”

January 14th:


AA’s Jane & James L.

“We will both share our God journeys as they relate to our story.”

January 7th:

This weeks meeting featured one of AA’s stellar speakers, Hilary R., member of Clancy’s Pacific Group. Sobriety Date: May 1997 The chosen topic was “Learning to Trust God”.

Helpful background information:

This is the song (over 1 million views):

This is the story behind the song:

And Hilary closes this Meeting singing the Lord’s Prayer AND Amazing Grace . . . exquisite!!!

December 24th:

This weeks meeting featured; AAs Thom & AArin R.’s: TRULY UNIQUE, FIRST-TIME-EVER Presentation of: “Practice these principles in all of our affairs — AND in our marriage!”

December 17th:

This weeks meeting featured the amazing Polly P. leading the meeting!

December 10th:

For the FIRST TIME EVER, Big Book Step Study Workshop (now in its 13th year!) founder & Chair Howard E. presents “THAT AIN’T IN THE BIG BOOK!!”:

December 3rd:

This weeks meeting featured speaker Myers R. at the Box of Chocolates Meeting!!His chosen TOPIC & Format: “Are we settling for less in our recovery than our Founders suggested?” + Q&A and discussion.

(P.S. Did you know that Myers is The Big Book Fixer??!!:

November 26th:

This weeks meeting featured speaker Marc D., “Big Book Marc” from The Preston Group in Dallas, TX:

November 19th:

The super-popular, ever-powerful Jennifer H. brings the topic and the format to the Box of Chocolates open A.A. Meeting on 11/19/2020:

November 12th:

This week, we had a great meeting with speaker Mike F. from Prescott, AZ. Unfortunately we did not record this meeting. Luckily Mike speaks often and we are able to share with you a recording from a different meeting that he spoke at on December 8th, 2020:

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