“Those who are perplexed by the difficulties and seeming inconsistencies of life should remember that at the present time we get only a partial view of things; and that a partial view of anything never shows the thing as it really is. At any time we see only a particular section of the whole, and even that we see awry, through our lack of understanding.
“If you were to show an Eskimo any number of pictures of sections of a horse, but never a picture of the whole horse, he would never know what the animal really looked like.
“The only comparison of the Persian rug is an excellent one. It is said that if you saw only the under side of such a rug it would seem to be a meaningless jumble of lines and colors, without beauty or logic. This, however, would be only because you did not have the key. If you turned the rug over, you would see it from the right side, and you would recognize the pattern, and you would realize that these chaotic threads were really making up a beautiful and consistent whole.
“So it is with life. Some day (when we have enough spiritual growth) we will come to see that various threads that go to make up our lives, the seemingly disjointed happenings, the apparent accidents, are really a part of an orderly and beautiful pattern; the warp and woof of something splendid that we are steadily weaving for God.”
-Make Your Life Worth While, Emmet Fox, Pg. 115
Here is a talk from Sandy B. sharing his experience on steps 10 and 11.