“Sometimes I think the word spiritual is misleading to some of us in AA. We treat it as synonymous with the word religious, and I don’t believe it is. I’m merely suggesting it’s my opinion that we would have a better understanding of the word spiritual if we would apply it to everyday life. There are positive, good, spiritual characters and there are negative ones. IN our own circles, we’ll speak of someone as being; there’s a fellow who’s loyal, there’s a fellow who’s devoted, there’s a man who is energetic. Of a soldier, he’s a brave man. Of a worker, he’s industrious, he’s on the job, he’s capable. And all of those adjectives that I have used denote and connote spiritual qualities. The opposite of those things we all know.
“They may be vices; they may be even some of the deadly sins. So I think when we speak of our groups as being spiritual entities, we can understand them better in the light when we say that the only excuse the group has for its existence, for its continued operation, and the only measure of its effectiveness is carrying the message, and the message is the content and the understanding of the Twelve Steps of Recovery.”
-Living the Twelve Traditions in Today’s World, Mel B. and Michael Fitzpatrick, Pg. 74-75
Here is a talk from Peggy M. sharing her experience, strength and hope.