“The path by which I have come to this blessed help was long and devious. It led through the mazes and perplexities of an unhappy marriage and divorce, and a dark time of separation from my grown children, and a readjustment of life at an age when most women feel pretty sure of home and security.
“But I have reached the source of help. I have learned to recognize and acknowledge the underlying cause of my disease: selfishness, self-pity, and resentment. A few short months ago those three worlds applied to me would have aroused as much indignation in my heart as the word alcoholic. The ability to accept them as my own has been derived from trying, with the un-ending help of God, to live with certain goals in mind.
“Coming to the grim fact of alcoholism, I wish I could present the awful reality of its insidiousness in such a way that no one could ever again fail to recognize the comfortable, easy steps that lead down to the edge of the precipice, and show how those steps suddenly disappeared when the great gulf yawned before me. I couldn’t possibly turn and get back to sold earth again that way. ”
-Experience, Strength, and Hope, Stories from the first three additions of Alcoholics Anonymous,
P. 17
Here is some experience, strength and hope from Hilda F.