“The case can also be made that the Twelve Traditions, like the Twelve Steps, convey sound principles for living. If AA members understand and accept the Traditions, they can also receive positive benefits in the way they live their lives. Many AA members have incorporated the principles of these Traditions into their business and personal lives and family lives.”
“Bill Wilson clearly recognized that the alcoholic had a terrible time living comfortably within society and that most alcoholics could never get or stay sober on their own. Perhaps that’s one reason he decided to introduce the Twelve Traditions to the fellowship. Lois Wilson said that Bill had studied many societies and governments prior to the writings of the Traditions. One AA member recently stated that Bill W. had created a new government with his Traditions. Of course AA doesn’t consider the Traditions to be a government, but nevertheless, Bill W. was able to create guidelines that have held AA together for more then seventy-five years, and one reason for that may be the alcoholics finally have a place where personality and winning is less important than the principles and group unity.”
-Living The Twelve Traditions In Today’s World, Mel B. and Michael Fitzpatrick
-Pg. 3-4
-Pg 6
Here is a talk by Peggy M. and her experience with the twelve traditions.