In Times of Struggle

In Times of Struggle

(“The AA Way of Life.” later renamed “As Bill Sees It”)

Loving My Life

I recently read the passage from As Bill Sees It titled “Prayer Under Pressure” and found that it is a very useful reminder of focusing on the Serenity Prayer to help bring some emotional balance. It struck a chord with me and inspired me to take a look at the way that I’ve learned to handle any tensions in my life. I’d hardly be human if I didn’t encounter any struggles throughout my day. It’s not realistic to have every little thing go the exact way that I want it to go. Adding onto that, being a self-centered alcoholic that attempts to wrest satisfaction and happiness out of this world, I often don’t get what I want. Through the process of the 12 steps I’ve been able to apply certain actions during my day to gain freedom from my struggles. Some of the most vital actions are self-examination, prayer and meditation. Through these practices I have been able to identify the underlying cause of my struggles: my feeling of needing to get what I want(Self-centered fear). With this awareness, I’ve taken on the suggestion of focusing on loving my life and loving everything in my life! By doing this, I’ve found that there is so much more to be grateful for and there is much less in the world that makes me upset. I feel immense gratitude for the experiences that Bill Wilson had and that he was inspired to share this way of life with all of us. 


Prayer Under Pressure

Whenever I find myself under acute tensions. I lengthen my daily walks and slowly repeat our Serenity Prayer in rhythm to my steps and breathing.

If I feel that my pain has in part been occasioned by others, I try to repeat, “God grant me the serenity to love their best, and never fear their worst.” This benign healing process of repetition, sometimes necessary to persist with for days, has seldom failed to restore me to at least a workable emotional balance and perspective.

-As Bill Sees It, Page 250

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