Tom I. speaking on H & I in Redding, CA on 4/5/1997

Tom I. speaking on H & I

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Peg M. - "i don't remember the first time i drank orange juice. i don't remember the first green bean i ever ate. i...

Peggy M. -I Love Alcoholics Anonymous -Newport, Or -2002

Peggy M. - "my feet take me to meetings when my head tells me i don't want to go. they don't think, they act."

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Peg M. - "i had to drink. it was the most powerful thing in my world. and it stood in the way of the...

Peggy M. -The Answer In The Mirror -08/01/94

Peggy M. - "i love laughing. i think laughing is gods music. it scrubs out my insides and it makes me feel better all...

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