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If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, the effects of the growing opiate epidemic or other addictions.  We have vetted treatment resources and educational materials to aid recovery.

Have a message that may help someone else?  Need a support network? Comment and share your opinions, advice, and/or recommendations on a variety of relevant recovery topics.

Do you have a problem? Many individuals and families are confused as to whether or not they or a loved one really need a treatment program. The following information may help you in making an educated decision.

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Recovery Speakers aims to provide a helpful and supportive community for any person affected by drug or alcohol addiction.  Not only the addict or alcoholic themselves, but family, friends, employers, or anybody seeking to learn and understand more about drug and alcohol addiction.  We have the largest online library that spans over 80 years of speakers recovering from all types of addictions.  It is our constant effort to provide resources and information that educate and facilitate the treatment and recovery of those struggling or recovering from the throes and perils of addiction and alcoholism.  Feel free to reach out 24/7!  Together we can!