Don R. on Working With Others

Part 2: Working With Others

Dick M. – Sponsorship Workshop

This Sponsorship Workshop led by Dick M. includes three parts: How to Choose a Sponsor, How to be Sponsored, and How I Sponsor.   How to...

This Matter of Fear by Bill W.

This Matter of Fear written by Bill W. was first published in the AA Grapevine issue from January 1962. This article was included in...

Bob O. – Emotional Sobriety Workshop in Grass Valley, CA in 2009

This is a six part workshop on Emotional Sobriety led by Bob O. in 2009. Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

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Norm A. -Midland, TX -6/18/74

Norm A. -“i’m alcoholic because i drank a lot of whiskey that’s why i’m alcoholic. my case is relatively simple. i drank that booze...

Norm A. from Monrovia, CA

Norm A. -"you've now associated yourself with the most popular unpopular organization in the world. if you are alcoholic, or if you have a...

Judy C. Sober and Free, 2002

Judy C. Sober and Free, 2002