AA Pioneers

Bill W. speaking in Vermont on June 15th, 1960

Bill reflects on AA’s 25th Anniversary and he talks of Vermont being his native land. Bill is very humble in this powerful recording. Bill says...

Bill W. in San Francisco on the Eve of the receiving the Lasker Award in 1951

The American Public Health Association presented the Lasker Award to Alcoholics Anonymous “in recognition of its unique and highly successful approach” to an “age-old...

Bill and Lois Wilson at Bill’s 32nd Anniversary Dinner on 10/29/1966

This recording is from the celebratory dinner for Bill Wilson's 32nd Anniversary of sobriety. Bill shares during this recording about his experience in finding...

Bill W. reads “How It Works”

Enjoy this video clip of AA cofounder Bill W. reciting "How It Works" from the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5s7p8AK_0A&t=11s

Dewey S. speaking in Michigan on 9/27/1964

Dewey S. from San Mateo, CA was one of the first 100 members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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