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Support Recovery Speakers

We want to thank you for being part of our recovery community and we’re thankful that you recognize the value you see in our work.

We’ve spent more than a decade working on the project with hopes to establish a way to serve our users by providing them the opportunity to enhance their sobriety by making available our resources for fun and for free.

The pandemic has created new opportunities for us do this and has caused us to respond. We’ve done so by adding the daily featured speaker email which we send out each morning, and by creating an online zoom history meeting.  The zoom meetings are held each Friday at 9pm EST/6pm PST at the Zoom Meeting ID: 310 333 9445, no password required. Each week we feature a topic that is related to the history of the 12 step movements with special focus on AA and Al-Anon Family Groups.  The weekly history meetings are growing in popularity and the response has been very favorable.

We have decided that our website needs to be overhauled and updated.  We are in the process of completely rebuilding the site and will be launched later this year.

As we build the new site and continue to grow with more and more users, we recognize the need to continue with our original philosophy which is to preserve the audio history of the 12 step movements so we can make it available to all future generations.

We are doing this by digitizing the original audio archive we have which contains over 3,000 reel-to-reel tape recordings. Currently we have only been able to complete about 20% of that goal.

So for the first time in our 12 year history we allowing our users the opportunity to help support this project through financial contributions. As you can imagine all this work costs money and over the years our founder has financed the entire project with no outside financial support.  We are now asking our users to help out if possible. We can accept donations through the PayPal link below and Venmo: @recovery-speakers

You can donate to the project at the following links: