Arbutus O. Speaking at Soberfest in Champaign, IL, 10/9/1993

Arbutus O'Neal of Brownwood, TX speaking at Soberfest in Champaign, IL, 10/9/1993.

Venetia S. (AFG) from Highpoint, NC

Venetia S. (AFG) from Highpoint, NC -Arkansas Al-Anon Convention Lake Degray, AR 3/15/1985

Paducah, KY -11/1984

Fr. Leo B. from Long Beach, CA -11/3/1984 John O' L. -11/4/1984 Bryant B. from Durham, NC -11/2/1984 Patricia G. (AFG) from Lubbock, TX -11/3/1984  

Tri Area Roundup – Conyers, GA 1984

Frank M. from/Charlotte, NC Alberta G. from Fatetteville, NC Sara M. (AFG) from Charlotte, NC Joe C. from Virginia Beach, VA  

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