Serenity Improvement Group

Mike A. -Serenity Improvement Group -9/22/20

"the book says we led a double life. if i'd been able to get it down to two, i might have been able to...

Michealine F. -Serenity Improvement Group

"so she started to make me grow up. i had always pretended to be a grownup, but now, it was actually happening."

Marti R. -Serenity Improvement Group

"i had not gotten down to causes and conditions. i had practiced the program based on abstinence from alcohol and that was it."

Marian W. -Serenity Improvement Group -8/4/20

"it was a day i'll never forget. it was the day i found a god of my own understanding." -8/4/20

Lisa L. -Serenity Improvement Group -10/24/20

"a group of guys and girls took me. and that was the first time i was ever out to lunch with aa people. and...

Leslie S. -Serenity Improvement Group -11/17/20

"every man, woman and child has a fundamental understanding of god. i didn't know i had that." -11/17/20

Karl M. -Serenity Improvement Group -12/26/20

"if you knew how i felt when i wasn't drinking you wouldn't ask me why i drink." -12/26/20

Karen R. -Serenity Improvement Group -11/21/20

-"they had the wrong person. why was i even here?" -11/21/20

Joyce R. -Serenity Improvement Group -1/5/21

-"i know when we have each other telling stories then we learn something. and that's what it's all about." -1/5/21

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