Serenity Improvement Group

Chris C. -Serenity Improvement Group -2/23/21

"i had that moment of gratitude where i said wow -they still want me to show up." -2/23/21

Vivian Q. -Serenity Improvement Group -6/9/20

"i didn't want to live another day with the way i felt and the way i was thinking." -6/9/20

Tom M. -Serenity Improvement Group -8/11/20

"you people were joyous, happy, and free. i came to the conclusion that maybe i was wrong. that if it worked for you it...

Thom R. -Serenity Improvement Group -11/24/20

"back then every little thing we take for granted today -was a dream. it was a hope and a prayer that maybe someday every...

Theresa F. -Serenity Improvement Group

"she put her hands on my face and said, you've got a beautiful light inside you, we just need to clean house so that...

Stephen T. -Serenity Improvement Group -10/31/20

"we proceeded to go through the book and i felt a very special connection with bill wilson." -10/31/20

Sheldon F. -Serenity Improvement Group -1/30/21

"i didn't know i was suffering from an alcohol deficiency but the minute i took that first drink it felt like i could breathe...

Ryan K. -Serenity Improvement Group -11/28/20

"the tenth, eleventh and twelfth steps are the discipline of alcoholics anonymous that help me stay close to the power that saved my life."...

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