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Bill W. in San Francisco on the Eve of the receiving the Lasker Award in 1951

The American Public Health Association presented the Lasker Award to Alcoholics Anonymous “in recognition of its unique and highly successful approach” to an “age-old...

Dewey S. speaking in Michigan on 9/27/1964

Dewey S. from San Mateo, CA was one of the first 100 members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

John P. from Tuscaloosa, AL on 10/18/1964

The Professor and the Paradox A paradox is an apparently contradictory statement that may nevertheless be true. AA is full of paradoxes (there are six...

Mary R. speaking on February 27. 1983

Mary shares some very impactful, inspiring and humorous messages in this talk: "This is not a competition." "Booze wasn't the problem, I had an erosion of...

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