Over-Eaters Anonymous

Barbara O., Light a Candle Meeting, Brentwood, CA, 7/26/03

Barbara O. at the Light a Candle Meeting in Brentwood, CA, 7/26/03.

Amy A., What Brought Us Here, 6/29/2007

Amy A. speaking on What Brought Us Here from 6/29/2007.

OA Workshop – Abstinence and Food Plans, West Hollywood, CA, 2011

OA Workshop on Abstinence and Food Plans from West Hollywood, CA in 2011.

A Day in OA – Sponsorship, Roseville, CA, 9/22/2012

A Day in OA - Sponsorship from Roseville, CA on 9/22/2012.

Michael D. at OA Unity Day 2012

Michael D. speaking at OA Unity Day in 2012.

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