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Tom B. Jr. -Garden Variety Drunk -Indiana

Tom B. Jr. - "it's a spiritual program based on one thing and that's action."

Polly P. -Missouri, Tx

Polly P. - "all my life i have been a person, prior to coming to alcoholics anonymous, who never liked any pain and who...

Bill W.’s First Recorded Talk from Los Angeles, CA in 1947

A Talk By Bill April, 1947 The First Ever Recorded Talk From the October 1951 Grapevine: “On Wednesday April 9, 1947, Bill came to Los Angeles and gave...

SERCYPAA – Fit Spiritual Condition – St Petersburg FL – 06-01-2017 – 06-04-2017

  Track 2 - Rachel P - Tampa, FL   Track 3 - John F - San Luis Obispo, CA   Track 4 - Stacy M - St Petersburg,...

Norm A. Speaking at the NW Convention in Lubbock, TX, 1975

Norm A. Speaking at the NW Convention in Lubbock, TX, 1975

Dr. Bob Smith married Anne Robinson Ripley – January 25, 1915

On January 25th, 1915, Robert Holbrook Smith(Dr. Bob) married Anne Robinson Ripley after 17 years of courtship. At the time of their marriage, Dr....

Bob B. -5th Annual Convention -Santa Barbara, Ca. -11/18/88

Bob B. - "it seemed like the people who really had their lives in order had a relationship with the people of aa. and...


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