Lois Wilson, Al-Anon 19th World Service Conference, 4-21-1969

Lois Wilson, Al-Anon 19th World Service Conference, 4-21-1969

Lois Wilson, founder of Al-Anon and wife of Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson. Al-Anon offers help to the loved ones of alcoholics. This recovery audio is a wonderful piece of AA and Al-Anon history, and “the first lady of Al-Anon.”

Lois tells stories of the early days of both AA and Al-Alanon. “For five years, there was no book and no literature,” she says, speaking of AA. “Meetings were held in our homes.” She goes on to say that as the wives waited for their husbands to finish with their meeting, the women began to discuss their own troubles and solutions. “Little groups of wives and families started to meet while the boys had their meetings,” she recalls.

“In these early Al-Anon meetings, we would tell our own experiences and what Al-Anon has done for us, just like the AAs do.  And we sought to help other families…. But we’ve just barely started to scratch the surface.”

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