Alcoholics Anonymous

Howard P. -Sessions by the Sea, Ocean City, MD -9/4-9/18

Howard P. -"i've lost everything because im drinking whiskey. i have to stop and i can't stop. i'm going to AA and see if...

Howard P. -Jackson, Mississippi -8/10/02

Howard P. -"I know now that i've always had a good life. When it was going on, it wasn't like i see it now....

Howard P. -Tracy, CA -10/22/05

Howard P. -"one of the most spiritual things we do in AA is we laugh". -10/22/05

Dewey S. speaking in Michigan on 9/27/1964

Dewey S. from San Mateo, CA was one of the first 100 members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

John P. from Tuscaloosa, AL on 10/18/1964

The Professor and the Paradox A paradox is an apparently contradictory statement that may nevertheless be true. AA is full of paradoxes (there are six...

10th Annual Spring Into Sobriety – Womens Conference – Venice FL – 04-17-2009 – 04-19-2009

Track 2 - Patty C - Toronto   Track 3 - Ali R - Port Charlotte FL          

22nd Annual Southeast Woman To Woman Conference – Secrets Women Don’t Share – 08-18-2017 – 08-20-2017

Track 2 - AFG - Rene H - Minnesota   Track 3 - Oldtimers Panel   Track 4 - Estella W - Atlanta GA   Track 5 - Cathy W...

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