We Stood In The Sun Light At Last – 35th Annual FCYPAA – Sarasota, FL – 07-08-2016

Track 1 - Brad S - Palm Beach, FL

Track 2 – “What To Do With A Wet Drunk” – Panel (Joe T, Trey V, Kristy F)


Track 3 – “Keeping It Fresh When AA Gets Boring” – Panel (Phyllis W, Dane B, Spencer W)


Track 4 – “Sponsorship” – Panel (Lee K, Shannon D, Vince B)


Track 5 – “Different Takes On Spirituality” – Panel (Karis H, Russel D, Austin C)


Track 6 – “Learning The Hard Way” – Panel (Andrew R, Paul D, Rachael P)


Track 7 – “Thine Own Self Be True” – (Sex, Relationships, & Single Sobriety)


Track 8 – “Emotional Sobriety” – Panel (Christina H, Sarah F, Drew R)


Track 9 – Brandi F – New Orleans, LA


Track 10 – Melissa N – St. Petersburg, FL

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