Gratitude and Hope From Cathy O. in Glasgow

Cathy O’s Experience, Strength & Hope

I spent time on the streets of Glasgow in my early 20s, through my Alcoholism. I was in and out of A.A for 14 years before I could surrender, through doing what was suggested, getting a sponsor, joining a group and started to believe in myself. That was nearly 24yrs ago. and today I am an Addiction Support Worker in a homeless unit, and that is me putting back the life that God and the fellowship has given me today. I am so full of gratitude for the life I have today and the peace that is in my heart and my lovely wee home, all because I have the ability to change my Thinking and have the choice who I want to guide me today, my EGO or GOD. I didn’t know or understand my EGO but I do today, and I live in the truth today with Gods help but I don’t forget where I came from. With my experience’s in life, I help with sponsees, and in and out of the fellowship, I will continue to do Gods work, and my prayers and meditation. This is all part of my journey in this lovely world.

Thank you, Cathy O, Glasgow.

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