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Harriet spends much of her time working with other alcoholics and has mentored and coached hundreds of women behind prison walls, through sponsorship, and by being of service. Wherever she is needed is where she can be found. Encouraging and helpful, Harriet carries the message of sobriety by reinforcing the necessity and importance of having a change of perspective at every turn. “My God, My sobriety and Me are the three most important things in my life today.” Harriet has dedicated much of her time writing as well. She has created some great content on her website for anyone to enjoy and has recently released her book Miracles of Recovery!

Miracles of Recovery, a 365-inspirational is becoming a sought-after daily read selling on Amazon. Miracles of Recovery delivers a powerful mix of hope and practical suggestions for those who want help, regardless of addiction, faith, or belief. Harriet demonstrates by example, how the 12-Steps, hope, and willingness work toward the goal of sobriety, to effect permanent and profound change.

Miracles Of Recovery is also now available as an eBook on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, OverDrive, Scribd, and 24-Symbols. Recently, audio recordings from Harriets’ book Miracles of Recovery have been added for each day on her website. These offerings are 2-3 minute audios each, designed to give your day a boost of hope and serenity.  Find them here at https://harriethunter.org/miracles-of-recovery-is-now-in-audio-format-2/

Harriet is a participating member of FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers) where she picked up her distinguished Presidents Medal-Award in her category on August 2010. She is also a member of Tallahassee Writers Association, Florida Writers Association critique group and will join TWA’s writers critique group in the New Year. Harriet facilitates a six-week course called, “Journaling with a Purpose.”

She lives with her two dogs at home northwest of Tallahassee, Florida. Learn more about Harriet by visiting www.Harriethunter.org or on Facebook at Harriet Hunter, author, on Twitter @Elizza6 and Linkedin.

To engage Harriet Hunter for speaking engagements, 

read about her personal story of drinking drugging and recovery 

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Please email: HarriethunterODAAT@gmail.com

Call: (850) 445-3532

Or visit Harriet’s website: Harriethunter.org

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