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With all the potential in the world to take on a successful athletic career, Daniel caught the negative side-effects of being an athlete. After years of sports related injuries, Daniel had started a habit of abusing opiate pain medication to deal with his injuries, and mental illness. Daniel took the next step and became addicted to heroin. He was once a champion MMA fighter but this fight was one that he was losing and losing badly. He thought he was too far gone and there was no hope. “I burned every bridge I ever built and was homeless. A junkie… I believed that not only was recovery not possible for me, but that I didn’t deserve it. Not to mention that life without a needle and spoon seemed unfathomable. I hated that guy. I hated myself. I hated you.”

After years of progression, Daniel reached his bottom and on 11/1/2016 he decided that he was going to attempt a life of sobriety. He went through the excruciating opiate detox and found out that the champion fighter was still inside himself! It was waiting for the moment of surrender. He dove head first into recovery to take on the fight of his lifetime. He won the fight and found a beautiful life of friendships, family and purpose. His purpose quickly developed into helping and inspiring others through motivational speaking. Daniel is now approaching 3 years of sobriety and has found his niche in inspiring others. He has recently been featured to share his story on several media outlets including the podcast Tragedy to Triumph, The Addiction Series, and Humans of Addiction.

He is active in bringing awareness of drug addiction to his community and has spoke in front of city council and at local events and treatment centers. He has made himself available to share his personal stories and how those experience have made him the man he is today. He is available to speak at schools, churches, focus groups, ceremonies, treatment centers, or at your next work event. He has set the goals to make a positive impact and let the world know that there is hope out there and that there is another side of addiction; recovery. His message is inspiring others to show them that they too can learn how to turn pain and failure into their greatest asset.

He recently accepted a position at UC Hospital as a Linkage Coordinator and Peer Support for The Early Intervention Program (EIP). He was offered this position after a successful year of voluntarily helping many addicts and alcoholics by talking with them at their bed side and inspiring them to want more out of life. Many proceeded to seek immediate treatment and take the necessary steps to get that process going.

Daniel has proven that recovery is possible and he now has a powerful message that continues to inspire and motivate struggling addicts and alcoholics to pursue their own recovery!

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