Bob D

Bob D. -Tar Heel Mid-Winter Conference -Raleigh, Nc. -01/01/98

Bob D. - "somehow, someway, i had tapped into something here that even the skeptic that i was could not dispute." -01/01/98

Bob D. -39th Louisiana State Convention -Baton Rouge, La. -06/18/97

Bob D. - "alcoholics anonymous is not a self-help program. we are people who are beyond self-help." - 06/18/97

Bob D. -Missouri State Convention -Jefferson City, Mo. -07/19/96

Bob D. - "if alcoholism is anything at all, i think the -ism is... I Separate Myself." -07/19/96

Bob D. -11th Annual Big Country Conference -Abilene, Tx. -08/30/91

Bob D. - "and i'd read that part of the book and i'd see it in you guys and i couldnt see it myself...until...

Bob D. -Saturday Night Speaker -Las Vegas, Nv. -10/27/07

Bob D. - "a willingness to surrender all my opinions and judgements." -10/27/07

Bob D. and John T. -Step Study -Las Vegas, Nv. -1992

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Bob D. -19th Gratitude Retreat -Myrtle Beach, SC -01/08/98

Bob D. - "there's something that happens to me when i quit drinking that is so deadly. when i'm not drinking, when i'm dry,...

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Mickey B. -Summer Bash -Sacramento, Ca -07/07/2001

Mickey B. - "if there's twelve steps attached to anything, i'm a contender for it."

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