Sandy B

Sandy B. -Steps and Principles history -2007

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Sandy B. -Psychiatric Institute Foundation -Step Workshop -1978

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Bob D. & Sandy B. – Traditions Workshop at the 14th Annual Sprit of San Francisco – 10/14/2006

This two part AA 12 Traditions Workshop at the 14th Annual Spirit of San Francisco in 2006. Bob D. speaks in Part 1 and...

Sandy B. -Sharing his Story

Sandy B. -His Story

Sandy B. -Steps 10 and 11 -Stateline Retreat -12/10/06

Sandy B. - “there is no such thing as the truth. there’s no way i could tell you what the truth is, if you’re...

Sandy B. -Specific Group -Las Vegas, NV -12/07/06

Sandy B.  - "alcoholics anonymous is universally respected and loved. there’s no group that hates aa, there’s no segment of society or of the...

Sandy B. -Pam M. -Sat. Night. -Henry Wood Halls, -Glasgow, Scotland -2005

Sandy B.- "if we don’t have a fatal disease and understand it, then we’re not going to take the tremendous effort it takes, to...

Sandy B. Maryland State Convention -01/01/98

Sandy B.- “it was amazing to me how exciting the principles of alcoholics anonymous themselves are. that somehow all this wisdom came funneling through...

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