Clancy I

Clancy I. -Old Behaviors, Sponsorship, & Relapse -Marin, Ca.

Clancy I. - "who's going to take care of me? who am i going to lean on? we take turns being leaned on. the...

Clancy I – The 12 Traditions -San Diego, Ca

Clancy I. - "a lot of people died to bring about each tradition. this really is a survival technique."

Clancy I. -19th Top O’ Texas -Amarillo, Tx -10/66

Clancy I. -"i have watched people spiritually justify themselves back out the door, and i want to make sure this doesn't happen to me."...

2017 Stateline Retreat – The “Original” Woodstock of AA – Las Vegas NV, 12-07-2017 – 12-10-2017

Track 2 - Steve A - Sherman Oaks CA - His Story   Track 3 - Larcine G - AFG - Hawthorne CA - "How the...

53rd Florida State Convention – Jacksonville FL – 07-29-2009 – 08-02-2009

Track 2 - Jane D - Tallahassee FL   Track 3 - James L - Evanston IL   Track 4 - Polly P - Birch Bay WA   Track 5...

Clancy I. -Oklahoma -1981

Clancy I. - "it seems like if anything was hurting you that badly you'd want to do something about it. but the deadly feature,...

Clancy I. -Recovery, the great misconception. -1985

Clancy I. - "it baffles the people in treatment, it baffles their families and their peers but most lethally, it baffles the patient." -1985

Clancy I. -15th Kentucky State conference, -Louisville -2/66

Clancy I. - "i'm afraid. i have a sneaking feeling inside that i'm not good enough sober and drinking helps that." -2/66

Clancy I. -Montana Fall Roundup -Kalispell, Mt. -10/10/88

Clancy I. - “i’ve been a professional writer my entire adult life and when i first read this book, i thought it was a...

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