Clancy I

Clancy I. – At the Pacific Group ,CA. -5/25/88

Clancy I. -"aa is made up of imperfect people, all of them, and if they don't take certain actions, little by little they can...

Clancy I. -Pacific Group 19th anniversary, CA. -1/3/91

Clancy I. -"i dont know what to do, i gotta find a way because life without drinking is unbearable and drinking is unbearable. -1/3/91

Clancy I. -Pacific Group 24th anniversary, -Los Angeles, CA. -1/4/96

Clancy I. -"drinking seemed to change things, drinking takes people like me who never feel like they're quite enough, after a few drinks makes...

Clancy I. -Pacific Group, -Los Angeles, CA. -5/27/87

Clancy I. -"i was thinking about how AA hasn't been around very long really. if there were no AA, what would you and i...

Clancy I. -Joe W. 20th Anniversary -Norman, OK -04/01/02

Clancy I. "the gates were wide open, not a soul around...i stood on the 50 yard line and i thought, im going to run...

Tom F. and Clancy I. -Meeting Anniversary -Chatam, NJ -03/07

Clancy I. -"then theres another type of alcoholic, they drank, they got in trouble, they can't quit. Something happens that really threatens their security...

Clancy I. -St Belleview

Clancy I. -"there wasn't a day that went by that i didn't thank god for my sobriety because i used to be on that...

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